Paper Fashion Show 2022

The Paper Fashion show is back next week. March 10, 2022 at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. Get your tickets here.

V and A Creations will be one of the design teams, yay! “V” is designing and making the paper dress and “A” will be the model for the fashion!

This is a sample of the colors used for our dress.

You can tell I’ve added some paint, shimmer and sparkle to the paper.

Our portion of the theme is “dark” not by choice but it was given as a challenge to become half of the idea of…

CHIAROSCURO, this is the description for the event from the website – By definition, it is bold contrasts of light and dark that builds a composition. Opposites working in harmony to create something the other couldn’t do alone. One cannot be defined without the other, but it is more than one being the absence of the other.  It is conflict and it is balance. It is creation and it is nothingness. It is ignorance and it is knowledge. It is discovery and it is mystery.It is fear and it is safety. Where will you find yourself, in the light or in the dark?

Designers, your challenge is to develop half of the composition, find your light or embrace your darkness. Teams will register to design for the light or design for the dark. Once you’ve chosen your aspect, how will you define it? How will you blend haute couture fashion with fantasy and imagination to bring out the light or to embrace the dark?  Together with the other designers we will create CHIAROSCURO.


Published by vandacreations

Just love to make greeting cards and other paper art and crafts! Having lots of fun, too much maybe? Teaching and inspiring others to be creative is my other love so here's my way to share!

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