Technique Focus—Watercolor

Looking for a technique to use this month? We’ve got you covered! Pack a few Water Painters and sheets of Watercolor Paper in your craft bag and show your customers how fun and easy it is to decorate your projects using watercolors! 

For this card, we created a stencil using a die-cut border from the Basic Borders Dies. With Watercolor Paper as our base, we placed the stencil at the top of our paper and did a simple watercolor wash with some light blue ink. We then moved the stencil down the paper and did another wash. We repeated that process until the whole paper was colored. We then dried our brush and went back over the paper with a darker blue, making sure that all the brush strokes were going in the same direction. This added some depth and shading to our sky. 

As you use this watercolor technique, be sure to be aware of the different effects that can be created with wet and dry Water Painters. And don’t be afraid to encourage other craft friends to try it out for themselves!


Published by vandacreations

Just love to make greeting cards and other paper art and crafts! Having lots of fun, too much maybe? Teaching and inspiring others to be creative is my other love so here's my way to share!

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