This is me….

Hello and welcome! My name is Vanessa Antonsen, and I make one-of-a-kind and unique greeting cards. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my passion!

V and A Creations represents myself, Vanessa, the owner and founder of the company, and my daughter, Alyssa who is my design consultant. I create the designs and make the cards, plan and teach classes, and find other unique ways to design and create. For the past few years, we have competed in the Denver Paper Fashion Show (check out the gallery for photos). Alyssa helps me keep my youthfulness, as sometimes I lose that sense about myself while I’m busy… adulting. 🙂

I have been creating my whole life! I found success as a fine artist, graphic designer, art teacher, and am currently dedicating my time to being handmade paper crafter. I find inspiration everywhere. I plan on experimenting with mixed media next … when I “make” the time, haha!

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